About TEM - Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM)

About TEM

TEM is a leading Asia-Pacific carbon offsetting solutions provider, across voluntary and compliance markets, including being the largest provider of voluntary Australian carbon credits.

We partner with businesses of all sizes to help them achieve their decarbonisation goals and make a real difference to climate change, people and the planet via financing high-quality carbon offsetting projects.

TEM’s deep APAC carbon expertise is trusted by many leading, iconic global brands. Our experts are located in offices around Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our story

TEM was founded in 2014 by Andrew Grant and James Moulder following a realisation that there was a missing link between high-quality carbon projects and companies wanting to take climate change action without the knowledge to source and evaluate carbon projects. This strong customer and impact-based company focus remains today.


We have also continued our strong connection to the carbon projects we support, including robust due diligence checks and site visits. Over the years, TEM has continued to evolve and grow in response to market and customer needs in order to be an even greater positive force for a better planet.

Together with our customers, since 2014, just some of the impact we’ve been able to achieve includes: 

Removing or avoiding 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Managing over 600,000 ha of land across our Australian projects and over 50,000 ha of bush regenerated 
Over 1.5m carbon credits being issued from TEM-managed REDD+ projects since 2023 
Supporting over 300 unique carbon projects across 30 countries 
Over 100,000 carbon credits being issued from TEM-managed or owned Australian projects since 2021 
Partnering with 15,000 local landowners across 164 clans for the April Salumei project in Papua New Guinea, which supports significant economic and social outcomes for local communities. 
Looking forward, our mission is to collaborate and partner with our customers to remove or avoid 50 million tonnes of CO2 from our atmosphere by 2030.

Our solutions

We support your business goals through a range of end-to-end carbon offsetting solutions, including corporate offset portfolios, digital sales and calculations, carbon project development and investment options, and our trading desk.

Corporate offset portfolios

Tailored carbon offsetting portfolios made up of high-quality carbon projects to meet your sustainability, financial and risk objectives.

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Carbon project investment

We offer a portfolio of carbon project investment options, tailored to your risk and capital appetite and timescale. This includes long-term offtake and carbon project investment options to secure supply and pricing certainty.

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Carbon project development

TEM is a developer of high-quality carbon offsetting projects in Australia and APAC. Become an investment partner in future TEM projects or develop your own carbon project with TEM to secure future volumes of high-quality carbon credits.

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Buy smaller volumes

TEM Online is our online marketplace for every business, event, product, building, etc looking to offset a carbon footprint of between 50 and 10,000 tonnes.

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API-driven emission calculations and offsetting

Our proprietary climate action technology, BlueHalo®, allows organisations to integrate carbon offsetting into their digital experiences, such as ecommerce checkouts or booking flows. We provide this for leading corporates, travel organisations, airlines and transport businesses to calculate and offset their customers’ carbon footprint.

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Our team

Our team of APAC carbon experts help you confidently invest in high-quality carbon credits. Based in offices around Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, our team includes carbon market leaders, university professors, scientists, land specialists, local Indigenous leaders, finance and risk experts, technology specialists, and marketing and communications professionals. 

Carbon offset solutions with integrity and impact

We know that to make a real difference, carbon offsetting must be done well. We provide our partners with peace of mind by only supplying the highest quality carbon credits. All of the projects we invest in are fully verified according to international carbon standards. We also go beyond international requirements by carrying out our own rigorous due diligence process for every project we develop and invest in. This ensures the highest levels of quality and measurable, long-lasting impacts for people and the planet, including carbon emission reduction and beyond.

We practice what we preach by being a Certified B Corporation, certified carbon neutral by Climate Active and having an endorsed Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). We are members of IETA and the Carbon Market Institute industry bodies.

TEM is a signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct (the Code). The code promotes best practice carbon market integrity, transparency, and accountability for Australian consumers. As a signatory to the Code, TEM has agreed to conduct business in line with the Code requirements. Information about the Code can be found on the Carbon Market Institute (CMI) website, including a Signatory’s responsibility and the process for providing feedback and lodging complaints.

Who we work with

We partner with businesses of all sizes, including some of the biggest and most iconic global brands, to achieve their climate goals through risk-managed carbon solutions. Some of the leading brands we work with include: