Corporate offset portfolios

For organisations looking to purchase 10,000 tonnes of carbon offsets or more.

As the largest buyer of voluntary carbon offsets in Australia, we bring extensive experience to developing a tailored carbon offset portfolio to meet your sustainability, financial and risk objectives. 

TEM manages the complete end-to-end procurement process. We have a 100% track record over 10 years of managing our customers’ offsetting retirements on time.  

How it works

The portfolios are made up of hand-picked, high-integrity projects from major offsetting standards and are selected to match your company’s goals. We then offer both once-off and long-term contracting options and finally transferring of credits, or we can manage the retirement process for you. Resulting in a tailored, risk-managed portfolio of high integrity carbon credits to suit your business needs. 

How we manage risk 

Management of risk in purchasing and retiring carbon offsets drives the procurement strategy and is core to TEM’s value-add to our customers. Key risks that TEM expertly manage on behalf of our customers are: 

  • Counter party risk: We undertake extensive due diligence on the project proponent and on any third-party transactions we provide transparency to the source of the credit supply and integrity of offset purchase. 
  • Price risk: TEM has systems and processes in place to manage the volatility in offset prices over the term of the offset supply contract managed – on individual projects and across portfolios. 
  • Market risk: TEM have the experience and capacity to understand the supply and demand dynamics of the different carbon markets to secure a predictable supply of carbon offsets. 
  • Policy risk: TEM tracks the changes to domestic and international government policy, standards, carbon markets and certification schemes that informs the future offset purchasing. 
  • Supplier risk: As a specialist buyer of carbon offsets for our clients, TEM has the people, systems and processes in place to manage supplier risks and we operate under an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). 

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