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Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions are carbon projects that protect, manage or restore natural spaces or ecosystems. As well as contributing to climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration, they can also protect biodiversity and threatened species, as well as providing social, health and economic benefits for communities.

Native forest regeneration
TEM-sourced or operated human-induced regeneration projects in New South Wales and South-West Queensland help support native forest regeneration and sustainable agricultural practices.
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Fire management
Aboriginal fire management projects provide significant carbon emission reductions, along with highly valued social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits for Traditional Landowners.
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Environmental planting
Environmental planting carbon farming projects involves planting or seeding trees to establish a forest.
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Rainforest conservation
TEM-sourced or project partner projects in Asia, Oceania and Africa reduce carbon emissions and protect hundreds of thousands of hectares of native forests, which secures habitat for wildlife and support local communities.
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