Carbon project development

Become an investment partner in future TEM projects or develop your own carbon project with TEM to secure future volumes of high-quality carbon credits.

TEM is a developer of high-integrity, high-quality carbon offsetting projects in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region. TEM develops and manages our own projects, as well as developing projects on behalf of corporate customers, generating carbon offsets to secure future supply and support with their brand and company strategy.

Our projects deliver long-lasting impacts for people and the planet, above and beyond carbon abatement and are supported by comprehensive due diligence and impact measurement and monitoring services. Our projects also strictly follow internationally recognised standards and, where applicable, are audited by independent third-party organisations.

Want to develop your own project?

TEM has expertise in carbon project origination and can offer a complete suite of project development services, assisting in the development of projects. With teams located within Australia and across the Asia Pacific region, our experts have a wealth of knowledge about the process of developing your carbon project.

This includes having a team of experienced project developers scouring the globe for the best possible project development opportunities.

Developing a carbon project allows large organisations to secure a large, long-term supply of high -quality carbon credits to support their long-term decarbonisation and sustainability targets, alongside broader climate plans.

Joint venture partnerships

TEM projects

TEM works with traditional landowners, farmers, corporates and governments across the Asia-Pacific region to identify, develop, own and/or manage projects. 

Key TEM developed and/or managed projects

Some of the projects we are currently managing or developing include Australian Human Induced Regeneration projects, Integrated Farm and Land Management (IFLM) and environmental plantingsInternational REDD+ projects and Cookstoves projects in Papua New Guinea and Laos. These projects deliver long-lasting impacts for people and the planet, above and beyond carbon abatement. Some of these projects include:

Project acquisition

Find out more about project acquisition options.