Carbon project investment

For organisations looking for long-term offtake and carbon project investment options.

TEM takes a proactive approach to supporting our partners’ decarbonisation journey through a portfolio of investment options, tailored to varying appetites of risk, capital and timescales. TEM sources, develops and manages carbon offsetting projects across Asia and Australia.

Ways you can invest in a carbon project

Long-term contracts (forward offtake) 

Experts such as McKinsey & Co. and Morgan Stanley predict demand for carbon credits could increase by a factor of 50 or more by 2030. Offtake agreements can provide price stability and secure a consistent supply of future credits for your organisation. 

Secure long-term price certainty with 3-10 year-forward offtake from TEM’s high-quality international project portfolio. 

Project acquisition  

TEM has extensive expertise in carbon project origination and can offer a complete suite of project development services, assisting in the development of projects or taking ownership and management of the entire project. With teams located within Australia and across the Asia Pacific region, our experts have a wealth of knowledge about the process of developing or acquiring your own carbon project.  

Owning your own project is suitable for large organisations wanting to secure long-term supply through the acquisition of an existing de-risked carbon project for either compliance reasons or to support their long-term voluntary targets. TEM can also stay on as the project manager to assist you while allowing your company full ownership of the asset. 

Project investment 

Become an investment partner in TEM’s future projects. TEM has a team of experienced project developers scouring the globe for the best possible project development opportunities.  

Learn more about our project development options.