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BlueHaloTM Digital Platform

BlueHaloTM is a technology suite designed to seamlessly and simply offer integrated carbon offsetting solutions for people and products on the move. For many organisations, the calculation of carbon emissions for flights, hotels, cruises and other activities is difficult and not intuitive. BlueHaloTM makes it simple, quick and real, allowing businesses to connect environmentally-conscious customers with charismatic, high-impact carbon offset projects.

Products currently offered on the BlueHaloTM offset platform are flights, cruises, accommodation, events, freight and vehicles.

We will work with you to ensure the technology integration is seamless, while providing sophisticated communications support to help you share the story with your stakeholders.

Easy integration

A bespoke carbon offset API

Our BlueHaloTM API is a plug and play carbon offset solution that easily integrates into your website’s booking flow. It can be configured as a white-labelled solution allowing you to offer carbon offsetting to your own customers, as your own product. BlueHaloTM is customised to meet your needs and be deployed extremely easily.

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