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BlueHalo® delivers a simple software solution for organisations to offset their environmental impact across travel, logistics and energy.

Whether it’s a return flight or a complex itinerary including flights, hotels and car hire, BlueHalo® ensures the instant and accurate calculation of the emissions and offsetting value for an entire journey. For logistics and freight companies, BlueHalo® performs these calculations ensuring the delivery of carbon offsets against the holistic impact of freight and transit systems across road and air travel. BlueHalo’s® capabilities also extend to the offering of carbon offsets for any business seeking to neutralise their energy usage.

As an API-driven software integration for proprietary and third-party systems, BlueHalo® calculates emissions and determines a specific cost to offset against the environmental impact.  Depending on the integration required, offsets can be processed with a single click for a point of sale solution, or batched for monthly invoicing purposes. All offsets purchased are then allocated into a chosen portfolio of verified, high impact projects which are tailored to align with each customer’s sustainability objectives focused on biodiversity, sustainable energy and reforestation projects.

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Offering carbon offset programs creates a powerful, positive narrative for brands to engage with customers and boost market share. Once integrated, BlueHalo® provides reporting insights and marketing opportunities as well as a range of curated content. You will also have direct access to logos, badges, social media graphics and videos for use within websites, social media channels and presentations.

Live data and graphs are also able to be exported from BlueHalo® that show the direct impact your offsets are supporting. This data can be shared internally and externally on a regular basis, tracked against local or global sustainability goals. Through the richness and accuracy of data in BlueHalo®, your carbon offset initiatives will help you to acquire a growing cohort of sustainability conscious customers and business partners.

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“Customers increasingly demand more sustainable travel options and through Sustainable Traveller we now offer Webjet customers the ability to contribute to efforts that balance the carbon footprint of their travels. When choosing a carbon offset partner, we examined the sophistication of the BlueHalo® offset technology and the integrity of its offset projects to ensure we provide customers a premium offset experience that makes real impact. TEM continues to deliver on all counts.”
– David Galt, CEO, Webjet
“BlueHalo allowed us to easily integrate, and display verified CO2 emissions without having to worry about managing complex back-end calculations. With the help of BlueHalo we have been able to join a select group of Climate Active businesses, a government body that exists to ensure we are doing everything to offset and reduce our emissions.”
– Allan Bonifacio, Executive Manager, Smartways

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