25 Jan 2024

TEM’s Climate Active program submission

Last month, we provided feedback on proposed changes to the Climate Active program in a submission to Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water. Thanks to all our customers who provided key insights for this submission.

Overall, TEM supports strengthened ambition and integrity within the voluntary carbon market and is supportive of the Government’s efforts to improve Climate Active’s role in driving voluntary climate action amongst corporate Australia.

As outlined in the submission, TEM:

  • agrees that participants should be required to set near-term and long-term gross emissions reductions targets in order to increase ambition and transparency
  • is supportive of limiting certification to businesses and organisations that have demonstrated they are on track to meet their near-term emissions reduction targets
  • acknowledges that the industry is moving towards a rolling five-year vintage, but that changes to vintage requirements should consider the impact this could have in restricting the available amount of high-integrity offsets available in the market
  • encourages Climate Active abatement of Australian Carbon Credit Units to remain over-and-above Australia’s NDC as a way to continue to promote action beyond the policy landscape
  • is supportive of Climate Active evolving the term ‘carbon neutral’ in line with international best practice, which encourages organisations to adopt claims that can be more easily understood by consumers and more clearly align with impacts achieved.

Read the full submission here.