TEM’s carbon offsetting projects

TEM develops, manages and sources high-integrity, high-quality Australian and international carbon offsetting projects. All of TEM’s high-quality carbon offset projects are independently verified to the highest international standards, in addition to going through our own extensive due diligence processes. This ensures these projects have real and long-lasting impacts for people and the planet, above and beyond reducing carbon emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an offset project look like?

Carbon Offset projects range from those that avoid emissions with activities like funding renewable energy projects, to those that remove emissions from the atmosphere by doing things like planting trees. All of these projects sequester carbon but also offer other co-benefits to the environment, the community, and local economies.


Different types of projects include:


  • Renewable energy
  • Community projects
  • Land regeneration
  • Forest conservation and protection
  • Land management
  • Waste-to-energy


Each year, we take our partners on-site to an offset project to show you how they work and the real impacts they deliver to people and the planet.

Should I only support offset projects in my own country or countries where I do business?

Pollution and emissions do not stay within national borders. CO2 in the atmosphere spreads across the globe and is an international problem. Therefore, you can purchase offsets anywhere in the world and contribute to global carbon emissions reduction. In many cases, carbon offset projects are located in developing countries because community and economic co-benefits from the project will have a bigger impact there. However, you may choose to purchase offsets locally due to the co-benefits that may positively impact your own supply chain or market.


Climate change is an international problem that cannot be solved without global support. We need individuals, organizations, and governments around the world to commit to climate action, because just one protected rainforest or carbon zero country cannot solve the problem. This is why supporting projects around the world through carbon offset funding plays a critical role in the solution to climate change.

What are the benefits my business will gain by offsetting?

Carbon Offsetting plays a critical role across all businesses carbon strategies. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Meeting customer, investor and staff expectations to cut carbon pollution.
  • Enhanced brand reputation and value.
  • Improved brand integrity.
  • Increased customer loyalty and sales.
  • Meeting other strategic business goals, like Reconciliation Action Plan targets and aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Establish industry leadership.
  • Market and geographic synergies from project co-benefits.
  • Delivering co-benefits beyond carbon reductions, including biodiversity, gender equality and Indigenous employment.
  • Meet emission-reduction targets while working towards long term sustainability changes.
  • Inspire your workforce to engage in carbon reduction activities in house, in turn reducing your costs and supporting your goals.
What is the price of offsets?

The price of carbon offsets can vary depending on the location, size, certification and type of the project. We can help tailor a portfolio of offsets that meets your budget expectations and delivers against the strategic drivers important to you and your business.


Can we purchase offsets in-line with our budget cycle or does it need to be at the end of the year?

We can retire carbon offsets whenever fits your business cycle. We typically retire on an annual basis, but can also do it more frequently – e.g. monthly, bi-annually.

What if we end up needing more offsets than we originally thought?

We structure our agreements to lock-in a price for the portfolio of carbon offsets. This allows your organisation to be able to purchase additional offsets at the agreed price. This is useful when you might need to ‘true-up’ additional offsets at the end of a cycle.



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