Fighting fire with fire

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Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory is prone to extreme, devastating wildfires that affect the landscape, people, plants and animals. These projects comprise an entirely Aboriginal-owned, not-for-profit carbon farming business created by Aboriginal Traditional Owners in Arnhem Land to support their engagement with the carbon industry. Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (ALFA) currently supports Traditional Owners to manage five fire projects across an area of over 80,000 km2.

Aboriginal Traditional Owners and rangers utilise customary fire knowledge to accomplish highly sophisticated landscape-scale fire management. Controlled burns are conducted early in the dry season to reduce fuel on the ground and establish a mosaic of natural firebreaks, preventing bigger, hotter and uncontrolled wildfires later in the season. Using both aerial burning (incendiary pellets dropped from helicopters) and ground burning, rangers burn strategically, adding to natural breaks such as moist ground along creeks, cliff lines and tracks to create unburned ‘compartments’ surrounded by burned breaks. Rangers manage fire across a range of ecosystems including the escarpments, gorges and sandstone heaths of the Arnhem Plateau.

The projects provide employment and training opportunities for local rangers while supporting Aboriginal people in returning to, remaining on and managing their country. Communities are supported in the preservation and transfer of knowledge, the maintenance of Aboriginal languages and the wellbeing of traditional custodians. Preventing wildfires also reduces the risk of wildlife loss and protects the areas surrounding ancient rock art sites.

The project meets the following Sustainable Development Goals

Key Facts
Key Impacts
  • Local employment
  • Community development
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Ancient culture site protection


The numbers stack up



5 registered fire projects spanning 80,000km2

$28 million

Reinvested earnings of over $28 million to project partners in Arnhem Land

3.5 million

More than 3.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions avoided to date

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