Rainforest Rescue

Registry information: Verra
Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
Unit type: Verified Carbon Unit (VCU)


TEM-sourced or project partner projects in Asia, Oceania and Africa reduce carbon emissions and protect hundreds of thousands of hectares of native forests, which secures habitat for wildlife and support local communities. This includes securing vital habitat for millions of species of endemic and endangered rainforest animals and plants.

For example, projects across Indonesia protect large, in-tact expanses of rainforest that would otherwise have been cleared. This prevents the release of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Protecting these forests secures the carbon stored within the organic matter.

These projects diversify landholder income and put a value on retaining the forests by supporting sustainable agroforestry projects, such as the production of coconut products (oil and sugar) and cashews.

The projects may contribute to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Key Facts
  • Project Type: Native Forest Conservation
  • Location: South America, Oceania, Africa
Key Impacts
  • Emissions prevention
  • Wildlife protection
  • Habitat conservation
  • Soil salinity & erosion prevention
  • Community empowerment and sustainable agriculture
Evidence of co-benefits/carbon claims
  • The carbon abatement reported by these projects have been scientifically measured using the relevant methodology and independently verified as required under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
  • Contribution toward co-benefits for Rainforest Rescue projects in TEM’s portfolio have been independently validated and scientifically monitored and reported on by the project proponents using the Climate Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards (note SDGs may vary depending on the specific project)
  • Impacts reported have been taken from project description documents for rainforest rescue projects in TEM’s portfolio supplied by the project owners. These impacts have been certified under the CCB Standards.

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