Rainforest Rescue

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Projects across South America, Oceania and Africa protect millions of hectares of native forests which secure wildlife habitat and support local communities. For example, projects across Peru protect large, in-tact expanse of rainforest that would otherwise be cleared, preventing the release of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Protecting the forests secures the carbon stored within the organic matter. ​

These projects diversify landholder income and put a value on retaining the forests by supporting sustainable agroforestry including cocoa ​and coffee production. In addition to reducing emissions, ​protecting rainforests secures vital habitat for millions ​of endemic and endangered rainforest species of ​animals and plants.

The projects meet the following Sustainable Development Goals

Key Facts
  • Project Type: Native Forest Conservation
  • Location: South America, Oceana, Africa
Key Impacts
  • Emissions prevention
  • Wildlife protection
  • Habitat conservation
  • Soil salinity & erosion prevention
  • Community empowerment and sustainable agriculture



The numbers stack up



Over 700,000 hectares of pristine, ancient forest protected

25 million

Preventing the emission of over 25 million tonnes of carbon over the projects' lifetime

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