A brighter future

Across Tamil Nadu in India, wind farms avoid emissions by introducing clean power to the electricity grid which would otherwise be generated by a fossil-fuel fired power plant. The projects help reduce power shortages and contribute to increased values on agricultural land and residential properties.

They have also created new jobs, improved communication within remote villages and established a local immunisation program. Many local villages rely on the turbines to pump clean water to drink and to irrigate their crops.

The projects are compatible with rural land uses and allow farmers to continue growing crops and grazing livestock up to the base of the turbines.

Sustainable Development Goals

Key Facts
  • Project Type: Renewable Energy
  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Key Impacts
  • Emissions prevention
  • Energy security
  • Local employment
  • Community health & education


The numbers stack up



More than 5000 local people benefiting from job opportunities


Over 800,000 tonnes of carbon emissions avoided every 10 years

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