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Across Asia, wind and solar farms introduce clean energy to the grid which would otherwise be generated by coal-fired power stations. Renewable energy is clean in two ways: it produces no emissions and also avoids the local air pollutants associated with fossil fuels. Electricity availability in the regions has been improved, reducing the occurrence of blackouts across the area.

The projects support national energy security and strengthen rural electrification coverage. In constructing the projects new roads were built, improving accessibility for locals. The boost in local employment by people engaged as engineers, maintenance technicians, 24-hour on-site operators and security guards also boosts local economies and village services.

The projects meet the following Sustainable Development Goals

Key Facts
  • Project Type: Renewable Energy
  • Location: Asia
Key Impacts
  • Emissions prevention
  • Energy security
  • Local employment
  • Community health & education


The numbers stack up



More than 5000 local people benefiting from job opportunities


Over 800,000 tonnes of carbon emissions avoided every 10 years

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