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Improved Cookstove Grouped Project in Papua New Guinea

Local Stakeholder Consultation 2023 for the Stakeholders of PNG Southern Highlands

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A large volume of local communities within Papua New Guinea (PNG) uses inefficient, traditional cooking methods such as the use of drums for cooking and heating, usually indoors in poorly ventilated kitchens or rooms. This has resulted in household air pollution and has imposed a material health burden within the occupants of the home.

The Improved Cookstove Grouped Project in Papua New Guinea is an offset project that involves the distribution of fuel efficient improved cookstoves (ICS) within all of PNG at no cost to the local community.

The ICS distributed during the project activity has high thermal combustion efficiency which in turn uses less firewood and emits less smoke than open-fire cooking methods. The implementation of the ICS is estimated to reduce the amount of time spend foraging for firewood as well.

Key Facts
  • Project Type: Efficient Cookstoves
  • Location: Papua New Guinea
Key Impacts
  • Emissions Prevention
  • Improved Health
  • Local Employment
  • Reduced Forest Degradation
Local Stakeholder Consultation

The Local Stakeholder Consultation is the next step in the registration process and will be taking place within the Highlands Provinces between the 13th and 18th of March 2023 with the following venue details:

The goal of the Local Stakeholder Consultation is to open a two-way process of dialogue between the project company and its stakeholders with aims to initiate and sustain constructive external relationships over time.

For this cookstove project, the consultation will not be just a single conversation but a series of opportunities to create understanding about the project amongst those it will likely affect or interest, and to learn how these external parties view the project, its risks, impacts, opportunities, and mitigation measures.

Alongside these face-to-face meetings, a national webinar will also be held on 13th March 2023 from 2pm to 3pm (GMT +10), and is open to anyone who is interested in understanding the project.

You can now watch the webinar recording below.

Grievance Redress Mechansim

You can also view the above Grievance Redress Mechanism here.


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The projects meet the following Sustainable Development Goals

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The projects provide families relief from high fuel costs, mitigates exposure to health-damaging airborne pollutants and reduces the threat of logging.