Buy smaller volumes

For every business, event, product, building, etc. looking to offset a carbon footprint of between 50-10,000 tonnes.

The TEM Online marketplace is used to manage smaller volume carbon credit transactions and empower organisations to manage Scope 3 emissions. It’s our no-fuss, one-stop online platform for offsetting between 50 and 10,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. 

The platform ensures that every business, event, product, building, and trip has access to the same high-quality carbon offset projects as the region’s largest brands. We all deserve to know that the impact we’re funding is real and lasting. 

You can choose from a mix of high-quality, independently verified Australian and international projects that align with your values, ESG goals and in regions where you and your supply chain operate.  

How it works

We’ve made choosing projects and offsetting your business’ emissions easy, and with projects curated by TEM, you know you’re purchasing from one of the region’s most trusted sources of high-quality offsets. Our selection of climate projects delivers measurable benefits to create healthy ecosystems, thriving communities and prosperous economies. Offsetting your emissions is just a few clicks away. 

Step 1
Select your projects
Choose projects that align with your environmental, social, and governance goals the regions where you operate, and your supply chain.
Step 2
Order your offsets
Tell us about your organisation and place your order. As part of this, we un a background check on all customers prior to transacting.
Step 3
Share your impact
We will retire your offsets on a public ledger in your name and provide detailed co-benefit reports and communications collateral for you to confidently share and report your impact.

Small businesses making big impacts

More than 90% of the world’s businesses are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and their combined CO2 footprint, while not easily calculated, exceeds that of large enterprises. SMEs have the advantage of being nimble enough to make fundamental changes to their operations and culture today that can have a positive impact on planet and profit for decades to come.

Contributing up to 70% of industrial pollution, pressure to act is mounting on SMEs as large companies pass their requirements on to suppliers.

TEM Online makes it easy for small businesses to achieve their climate goals. We do the due diligence allowing owners to focus on building a better business.