Arunda Malalasekera

Software Engineering Manager

Arunda Malalasekera

Arunda is a .net developer with over 13 years experience working on high volume enterprise-grade websites across a range of organisations including Arts Centre Melbourne, Bupa, AEMO, Coles, McMillian Shakespeare and Victorian Department of Education. He is a highly regarded Senior Web Developer with experience in Network Infrastructure, Project Management and Team Leading Agile development projects. Arunda has been involved in the full software development life cycle from planning to development through to managing the go-live process.

Holding a double degree in Engineering in Telecommunications and Computer Science, Arunda fuses best practice software development with network architecture. With his customer-centric approach and excellent communication skills, he prides himself on traversing the technical and business worlds.

Always open to learning and improving, Arunda is passionate about bringing his skills to TEM. He is excited to be a part of a team committed to making a positive real-world impact.

Arunda Malalasekera

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