13 Apr 2023

TEM Launches Online Platform for Smaller Offset Transactions

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13 April 2023

Australia’s largest voluntary carbon offset provider Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) has launched a simple, fast way to buy small volumes of high integrity carbon offsets. Making TEM’s high-impact carbon offset projects available to all customers – no matter the size (aka volume) of your carbon offset requirements.

Brett Giddings, TEM’s Partnership Manager for SMEs, recently spoke to Carbon Pulse about the launch, emphasising TEM’s commitment to using technology to enhance the client journey.

“In the past, anything under 2,000 tonnes has been challenging to support … the solution is a low touch or no-touch platform that still provides the quality of projects that we’ve been providing to these large corporates”.

Giddings continued to explain that “we’re really focused on using technology right through the client journey” – enabling clients and their communities/customers – “to see impact, feel impact, and ultimately share that impact”.

Adrian Enright, TEM Corporate’s General Manager, wrote in a LinkedIn post that the marketplace will provide businesses of all sizes to “buy and retire a suite of offsets that have gone through TEM’s due diligence and screening process”.

To find out more about TEM Online, click here.

About TEM 

Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) is the region’s trusted carbon offset partner connecting global brands with high quality carbon offsets to deliver extraordinary, life-changing benefits to people and the planet. Our people, systems and process deliver rigorous due diligence that ensures the integrity of every single offset we transact. Creator of BlueHalo climate action technology, TEM is a Certified B Corporation and meets all international standards including member of Carbon Market Institute and International Emissions Trade Association, signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct and certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. 

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