02 Nov 2022

Dear World Leaders…

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Last week TEM attended the Carbon Market Institute’s Emissions Reduction Summit. It brought leaders, policymakers and businesses together for critical discussions around climate change and the transition to net zero. Next week, the world will come together in a similar fashion at COP27.

We asked TEMsters in a time of critical change: “If you could ask our World Leaders for anything at COP27, what would it be and why?”

Emission reduction methods and carbon markets are complex topics that are still maturing and being defined by experts in the field. But our planet’s health is declining rapidly. We’re seeing the adverse effects of climate change already in our own backyard. Australia is in a great position to make enormous steps towards net zero, but we need everyone to understand and be on board. 

  • Dear World Leaders, please finance emission reduction education and carbon market literacy programmes to help others understand the impacts of climate change and allow us all to make informed decisions for the betterment of the planet.


Terrestrial forests, wetlands and mangrove ecosystems, referred to as ‘blue carbon ecosystems’, are increasingly important in our transition to net zero. These ecosystems are natural carbon sinks, with their ability to sequester and store three to four times more carbon than green carbon ecosystems. Their ongoing protection is critical towards addressing the climate emergency. 

  • Dear World Leaders, we need to urgently invest in the protection and restoration of the planet’s terrestrial forests, wetlands, and mangrove ecosystems.


Climate change is a human issue, and ignorance on the part of the Global North is a violation of basic human rights. The devastation inflicted by rich countries and major corporations upon those who do not have the resources to cope is clear. Your ignorance is disproportionately damaging the livelihoods of the Global South, as well as First Nations Peoples, workers, women, youth, people living with a disability, and LGBTQIA+ people.

  • Dear World Leaders, let’s ensure a just and equitable transition by engaging with these communities on our transition to net zero, securing future livelihoods with a Loss and Damage Fund, operational by 2023, and remaining accountable for our net zero targets.   


A just transition must have equitable and ethical benefit sharing, particularly for First Nations Peoples. Indigenous communities have maintained ecosystems for thousands of years with traditional knowledge and their connection to Country. Considering that the territories of the world’s 370 million Indigenous Peoples cover 24% of land worldwide, and contain 80% of the world’s biodiversity: 

  • Dear World Leaders, we must include a greater percentage of First Nations Peoples voices in real engagement consultations and the decision-making processes around climate and sustainable development.  


What will it take for all the governments of the world to work together and save our planet for generations to come? We are at a pivotal moment in time, where every second counts in saving our planet. Yet, we continue to see human rights violations and war across the globe. Nothing unites humans like a common enemy and there is no greater enemy to the future of humanity than climate change. 

  • Dear World Leaders, please allow us to put aside our quarrels over land, resources and religion and instead shift our focus to achieving what really matters for all of us: a healthy future planet.  


TEM Wholesale CCO Alex Lewis will be attending COP27 on behalf of the Carbon Market Institute’s delegation. Alex will be sharing his expertise in scaling high-integrity nature-based climate solutions to ensure real and meaningful emissions reductions.

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