13 Jul 2022

Many are the paths made by those who follow the breeze

Dandelion image

Why is our logo a Dandelion and what does it signify?

The modest, bright but humble flower signifying both hope and wisdom. Some see a weed, some see a wish. The individual journey of the segments of the dandelion, the dispersal of knowledge which, in our logo, represent the crucial and intricate workings of TEM set free on a path for this generation, and the next.

As we journey through this earth like the seeds of the dandelion caught on a breeze, we take with us the opportunity to make a change, make a difference, make an impact. When we grasp this opportunity we see both the immediate result of this change, and an assurance of a positive climate impact for future generations.

If you are seeking the ignition of a powerful impact, either as you begin your journey or are already on it, get in touch, we’ll show you how.

Emma Lamshed is TEM’s Digital Content Manager; passionate about the power of words to drive sustainable change, loves reading cookbooks cover to cover and takes coffee seriously. Very seriously.