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Our new online carbon offset platform empowers businesses to offset smaller volumes of carbon (less than 5000 tonnes), choosing from a mix of high-quality, independently verified Australian and international offsets.

We launched TEM Online so that every business, event, product, building, trip, etc has access to the same high-quality carbon offset projects as the region’s largest brands. We all deserve to know that the impact we’re funding is real and lasting.


Carbon Offset Solutions

Many clients approach us with a desire to learn more about how to reduce their carbon footprint and go carbon neutral in a way that makes good business sense. Partnering with TEM empowers you with global knowledge and relationships, superior purchasing arrangements, policy development insights and bespoke risk management.

Together, we will develop a tailored carbon offset portfolio to meet your financial, sustainability and marketing objectives.


BlueHalo® Digital Platform

The BlueHalo® API is a plug and play carbon offset technology solution that easily integrates into your website’s booking flow. BlueHalo® can be configured as a white-labelled solution allowing you to offer carbon offsetting to your own customers. Products currently offered on the BlueHalo® offset platform include flights, accommodation, freight and vehicles.

We will work with you to ensure the technology integration is seamless, while providing sophisticated communications support to help you share the story with your stakeholders.

Carbon Offset Project Development

Climate Positive develops carbon farming and carbon offset projects with corporates, landholders, farmers and industrial businesses. These projects deliver an additional revenue stream for project participants, whilst spreading risk and diversifying business. Climate Positive provides uniquely flexible and customised carbon abatement outcomes that deliver the highest market return. We also develop signature projects on behalf of corporate clients that wish to secure their own stream of carbon offsets from a project type that aligns with their brand or supply chain.

Qantas Future Planet Partnership

Qantas has been offsetting carbon pollution for more than a decade, and now has the largest airline offset program in the world, with over 3 million tonnes of carbon removed from our skies. TEM co-developed the Qantas Future Planet program and Qantas now has welcomed over 30 corporates into the Future Planet Partnership – a network of sustainability leaders reducing emissions, sharing consumer insights and leveraging powerful brands for a healthy future planet.

TEM is proud to partner with Qantas Future Planet in delivering carbon procurement and technical offset solutions.


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