Kaiser Khan

Senior Automation Engineer

Kaiser Khan

Kaiser’s is TEM’s Senior Automation Engineer for our BlueHalo technology. His experience extends across the last 16 years within Software Quality Assurance and he has confidently formulated key attributes in a customer first approach since graduating from the University of Technology in Sydney.

His journey includes his work as an early employee at Aussie start-up Bigcommerce and extensive experience within e-Commerce as an employee and entrepreneur. Kaiser also helped shape Quality Assurance practice and successfully helped form a new brand @Google, “Create with Google”. An integral piece in developing and finessing the course for test automation frameworks at consultancies such as Kablamo, Kasna & Ustwo, Kaiser is a passionate promoter of BDD practice that brings tech and business teams together to an agreed understanding.

Having spent time in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia, Kaiser currently lives in Australia where he is a volunteer coach to his son’s soccer team and an eager participant within his local Dad’s soccer club.


Kaiser Khan

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