Sustainable development

TEM is supporting Lendlease in their carbon neutral commitment by delivering project due diligence, offset procurement, retirement and stakeholder engagement services. The company engaged their staff in the selection of offset projects, allowing TEM to establish a tailored portfolio supporting the Great Barrier Reef and renewable energy in India and China.

Sustainability is at the heart of Lendlease’s vision to create the best places. The organisation is focused on delivering places that respond to the complex global forces shaping our future, including climate change.

In Australia, 47 Lendlease office and industrial assets, representing more than $12 billion under management, have signed commitments to be carbon neutral by 2025. The Australian Construction business took serious steps to address construction-related emissions. Site sustainability standards were used to reduce emissions including the use of efficient appliances, solar hybrid generators and electric cranes. The business will now tackle emissions from liquid fuels like diesel.

All remaining emissions in FY19 have been offset, making Lendlease’s Australian Construction business a carbon neutral construction service provider. The commitment to decarbonising construction is part of a global focus on carbon emissions reduction for Climate Action in their Sustainability Framework.

“We see third party certified offsets as an important interim step in addressing climate change. With the help of TEM to make careful project selections, offsets provide a way for us to take immediate action to slow climate change while we partner with our clients and suppliers on the challenging and material task of removing emissions directly from our construction activities and materials.”
Ann Austin, Head of Sustainability
Lendlease Australia

Key Highlights
  • Commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025
  • Use of efficient appliances, solar hybrid generators and electric cranes

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