FTA Coffee

FTA Coffee supports projects that directly benefit local communities and support biodiversity. This aligns with their sustainable future thinking practices, along with their commitment to lead with respect and integrity.

Satisfying sustainability

FTA Coffee have proudly pioneered Australia’s first Climate Active certified carbon neutral green bean import.

The aim of FTA Coffee’s carbon-neutral project is to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of the coffee value-chain whilst contributing to positive social outcomes for the producers that they source coffee from. In doing so, FTA will make a positive & impactful contribution on behalf of their customers. Their passion for change and to do the right thing led them to TEM where the provision of carbon neutrality through many projects, a few of which are Bush Regeneration, both Malawi and Guatemalan Cookstoves and Cool Fire as part of TEM’s partnership with Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Northern Territory (ALFA NT) sees a strengthening alignment to the core values of FTA Coffee.

FTA Coffee have long since believed that what you put in, is what you get out, and what you leave behind is the trail of climate commitments for a positive future generated by a goal for carbon neutrality. FTA Coffee considers the importance to our planet, their climate impact and the positive sustainability of green coffee importing.

“As green coffee importers, we’re focused on developing sustainable supply chains and providing environmentally friendly and ethically sourced quality green coffee from around the globe. Every little thing we do to reduce our impact on the environment brings us closer to the holy grail, the great guilt-free cup of coffee.”

– David McKennariey, FTA Coffee General Manager