Australian clothing brand, SPELL is grounded by their drive for continuous improvement and commitment to sustainability, adhering to their 2025 Roadmap in line with people, planet and prosperity.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Australian clothing brand SPELL opts to align their efforts as a responsible business with those they believe reflect the heart and soul of who they are. TEM supports SPELL’s determination to face the challenges that come with their commitment to reduce their impact on the climate and achieve carbon neutrality, facilitating investment into projects that align with SPELL’s vision and values.

Borne from humble beginnings and led by one of their guiding principles, Environmental and Climate Stewardship, SPELL has partnered with TEM, demonstrating accountability for their emissions that helps to elevate standards and expectations for the fashion industry and other brands alike.

SPELL knows that effective progress is best made through collaboration, underscoring the value of their partnership with TEM.

“The fashion industry has a dirty reputation for its negative environmental impacts. As an independent clothing label, we truly believe the impact from our operations are our responsibility. We are committed to making measurable contributions to our global community, the environment, and the state of the climate—particularly to measure, reduce and offset our carbon footprint.

The carbon market, being relatively new, is a bit of an intimidating one to approach. When we set out to offset 100% of our organisational carbon footprint, TEM made the process streamlined and easy to understand, allowing us to support verified carbon projects in the areas around the globe in which SPELL operates.”

– Angie Menghini, Sustainability Specialist