By combining sustainable engineering outcomes with carbon offsets, NEXTDC has become Australia's first data centre with 100% carbon neutral corporate operations.

Big data, little footprint

Through the Qantas Future Planet partnership, TEM has supported NEXTDC in achieving 100% carbon neutrality.

NEXTDC has implemented numerous sustainable engineering outcomes that drive a more efficient use of energy across the company’s entire footprint, showcasing how businesses can be engineered to simultaneously achieve positive outcomes for both the environment and their bottom line.

TEM is delivering project due diligence, offset procurement, retirement and stakeholder engagement services to bring carbon offsetting to life for NEXTDC and their customers. The company also plans to launch a colocation opt-in program empowering customers to offset their own carbon emissions within NEXTDC facilities.

By aligning with Qantas Future Planet, meticulously measuring PUE rates and adhering to the rigorous standards of the Australian NABERS star rating system, NEXTDC continues to set new benchmarks in the industry for data centre operational and sustainability excellence.

“NEXTDC supports the science of climate change and we’re not afraid of using that conviction to show others how our business interests can help create a better future for all. We build and operate a national footprint of Australia’s most energy efficient data centres which serves as a reminder that organisations can be engineered to both support the environment and improve business efficiencies.”

– Craig Scroggie, CEO