Rewarding employees and members with carbon offset eGift Cards that support a healthier planet for future generations.

Rewards with impact

Gratifii is an ASX-listed loyalty and rewards company (ASX: GTI) transforming the loyalty industry by delivering world-class engagement programs for some of Australia’s leading brands.

With a commitment to operating on a climate neutral basis, Gratifii has partnered with TEM to offset the emissions of their business operations and receive Climate Active certification.

Aiming to reduce organisational emissions by 30% by 2032 (compared with 2023), Gratifii firstly measured their organisational emissions then identified ways to do things differently. Things like choosing lower emission business travel, hybrid working to reduce commuting, using public transport when travelling to the office, switching to carbon neutral alternatives in their supply chain and changing behaviours to reduce use of paper, energy and waste.

In partnership with TEM, Gratifii offsets their residual emissions by purchasing accredited offset units from human induced regeneration projects in outback Australia, and renewable energy projects in rural India.

Gratifii is extending its commitment to sustainability from business operations to offering consumers a new, innovative way to help make a positive impact on the environment. In an Australian first, Gratifii now enables businesses to offer Carbon Offset gift cards to reward and engage their members, customers, or employees.

“Sustainability, much like loyalty programs, is an increasing focus for businesses everywhere. Research shows that values-based customers – those willing to vote with their wallets to support brands that align with their values – spend more and feel more positively about those brands. Gratifii is committed to operating on a client neutral basis and we want to work with companies that feel the same way. We can help brands engage with customers in a sustainable way through loyalty and rewards.”

– Alicia Gill, Head of Marketing and Joint Company Secretary