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According to the Climate Council of Australia, the transport sector is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Australia. TEM is supporting Smartways in becoming the first Australia and New Zealand-wide healthcare logistics company to offer carbon neutral transport services. The company’s entire freight operations, including every transport shipment, is wholly carbon neutral. Smartways has achieved this by integrating our BlueHaloTM carbon offset technology that meticulously calculates the carbon emissions of every service and then purchasing verified carbon credits to offset these emissions.

Smartways has selected a portfolio of carbon offset projects that in part represent the geographical focus of its operations, the values of its business as well as projects that resonate with its culturally diverse stakeholders. The company is supporting Indigenous fire management in Arnhem Land (Australia), forestry projects in New Zealand, renewable energy in India, Turkey and China as well as rainforest protection in South America.

Smartways has undertaken this initiative in part in response to the powerful customer, end user and other stakeholder sentiment for action on climate change. The broader healthcare ecosystem now has a carbon neutral option contributing to efforts that work to balance out the carbon footprint of freight.

Through the partnership with Smartways and the deployment of BlueHaloTM, TEM is supporting the sustainable transformation of logistics, empowering an industry leader to join a growing global community of brands taking action on climate change.

“At Smartways, we are extending our sustainability policies and are on a journey to ‘doing more with less’. We endeavour to reduce waste and recycle at every opportunity, have installed energy efficient equipment and lighting, engage sustainable online service providers and enforce a paperless policy wherever practical. Becoming carbon neutral is the next logical step for our business and we encourage the wider industry to join us on the road to sustainability.”





Key Highlights
  • The first Australia and New Zealand-wide healthcare logistics company to offer carbon neutral transport services
  • TEM’s BlueHalo technology integrates into the Smartways system
  • Offset project portfolio reflects the company’s values and geographical reach

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