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TEM supports Voyager Estate’s commitment to sustainability by delivering footprint calculations, project due diligence, offset procurement, retirement and a tailored portfolio aligning projects with the winery’s core values.

Voyager Estate lives in a special part of the world, where the vines, wines and seasons are inexorably linked to nature so environmental sustainability is at the forefront of all decisions the winery makes. Committed to achieving environmental balance, Voyager Estate began the journey to become a wholly sustainable enterprise in 2004 and continues to evolve sustainable farming by transitioning to Australian Certified Organic (ACO) farming. This plan will see the entire vineyard certified organic by 2023.

In 2017 Voyager Estate achieved carbon neutral status by offsetting 100% of its emissions from all activities including power, fuel and transport.

“Our objective is to achieve environmental balance, including a natural farming approach to vineyard management, with minimal input methods and the use of natural products to encourage biodiversity. Fine wine is very much about the soil. It’s the character of the source. The quality of the soil can be attributed to our high-quality organic practices, lack of herbicide and use of natural products, such as compost, over many years. It’s less about trying to control everything. It’s easy to go and spray the weeds. It’s harder when you’ve actually got to think outside the square and manage it differently, but it’s actually a lot more fun as well. So, soil health, and having a soil that’s alive with bacteria and fungus with healthy root systems that explore down deep is what great wine is all about.”
Steve James, Head of Viticulture and Winemaking




Key Highlights

  • 100% carbon neutral winery
  • Australian Certified Organic across the vineyard by 2023






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