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Climate Positive develops carbon farming and carbon offset projects with corporates, landholders, farmers and industrial businesses. These projects deliver an additional revenue stream for project participants, whilst spreading risk and diversifying business. Climate Positive provides uniquely flexible and customised carbon abatement outcomes that deliver the highest market return. We also develop signature projects on behalf of corporate clients that wish to secure their own stream of carbon offsets from a project type that aligns with their brand or supply chain.

Our clients can capitalise on the unique opportunities that accompany direct investment. Not only are there price competitive advantages to developing your own projects with Climate Positive, but clients can align their business values with co-benefits that offset projects provide. These can include strengthening and building resilient communities, improved environmental values, working with first nations people, employment and increasing land productivity. But of course, many companies are now voluntarily pursuing carbon offset projects as part of a way to actively take a stance on tackling climate change.

Emissions reduction projects can deliver new, diverse revenue streams for farmers and other scheme participants. New incentives are now available to encourage the growth of carbon projects of all sizes across the economy.

In addition to developing projects domestically, Climate Positive also operates within the framework of the internationally recognised ‘Verified Carbon Standard’ (VCS). Our current projects operate throughout South East Asia and the Pacific Regions.

So, there is no better time to partner with Climate Positive to growth your business sustainably and achieve outstanding outcomes for the environment. So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about how you can benefit from being a participant in a carbon offset project, contact us today.


Project Types & Eligibility

Land Restoration Fund

The Queensland Government’s $500 million Land Restoration Fund aims to expand carbon farming opportunities in the state by supporting land-sector projects that deliver additional environmental, social and economic co-benefits. Queensland landholders, land managers and farmers can benefit from regenerative farming whilst diversifying income streams and protect their business in tough times.

Approved Adviser Program under the Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program

The Queensland government has introduced the ‘Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program’. This program aims to provide landholders with rebates up to $10,000 to offset the cost of obtaining relevant advice related to carbon farming projects and how these projects may be eligible to participate in the Queensland Government’s Land Restoration Fund.

Climate Positive (Stuart Macleod) is an accredited and approved adviser under  the ‘Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program’. 

To apply for a rebate, complete the on-line application form available via the Online Application Portal.

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