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The vast majority of rural populations across Africa, Asia and South America cook on highly inefficient, traditional three-stone fires, often located inside poorly-ventilated kitchens with small windows. This not only causes severe household air pollution and chronic respiratory, heart and eye disease but imposes a material health burden on women and children who are responsible for preparing meals.

These offset projects build clean, efficient stoves that slow down the combustion of wood, significantly improving indoor air quality and reducing health risks and burns.

Because they require less wood, the stoves also reduce the amount of time women and children spend gathering firewood each week, allowing time for other activities such as going to school.

The projects meet the following Sustainable Development Goals

Key Facts
  • Project Type: Efficient Cookstoves
  • Location: Africa, Asia, South America
Key Impacts
  • Emissions prevention
  • Improved health
  • Local employment
  • Female empowerment


The numbers stack up



Reduction in acute lower respiratory illness by 44%
Offset Projects


Reduces household expenditure on firewood by up to 80%

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