Dr Gabriel Machovsky-Capuska

Head of Science and Sustainability

Gabriel Machovsky Capuska

Gabriel is an incredibly highly regarded scientist holding a BSc Honors, a PhD and is the recipient of two Research Excellence Awards. His research has been extensively published in prestigious scientific journals, including AAA Science, all of which have attracted worldwide media coverage. Gabriels  further accreditations include a Loxton Research Fellowship, awarded by the University of Sydney (Australia) and notably the prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellowship, awarded by the European Commission. He has also served as an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Animal Ecology.

A diverse background in project management and experience spanning over 15 years has seen Gabriel engage with government agencies on projects across Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Antarctica and Czech Republic. Gabriel provides scientific expertise on the development of TEM’s international carbon offset projects. 

With an Argentinean-European background and a family hailing from 4 countries, Gabriel enjoys a multicultural life experience and spends his free time outdoors in nature snorkeling, swimming and playing soccer.

Always keen to find new ways to do things better, Gabriel is passionate about bringing his skills to TEM and Climate Positive International to make a real and lasting positive impact.

Gabriel Machovsky Capuska