11 Sep 2023

Supporting an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

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At TEM, we’re proud to support the Voice to Parliament, a crucial step towards reconciliation for First Nations people. This is part of our ongoing commitment to reconciliation and environmental sustainability and social responsibility, which is the heart of everything we do.

Supporting Australia’s First Nations people is embedded within our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and our broader business, as well as our partnership with Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (ALFA) and support of Karrkad Kanjdji Trust (KKT). We work with ALFA to give companies the opportunity to invest into First Nations carbon projects, which not only reduce carbon emissions, but have important additional social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits for Indigenous landowners.

Indigenous people have unique insights into how to conserve and protect the environment, built up over thousands of years and deeply embedded in their cultures. First Nations people also play a critical role in protecting and helping decarbonise the planet, which is core to TEM’s purpose.

First Nations communities, especially those in remote areas such as KKT and ALFA, need greater representation. We want our First Nations partners and their communities to have their voices recognised and heard. The Voice could deliver better outcomes and real change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, especially for remote communities.

The Voice was a key request from the Uluru Statement from the Heart: the largest consultative process with First Nations people in Australian history. Polling shows that over 80% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people support constitutional recognition through the Voice.

At TEM, we stand with and support our partners and employees to vote Yes. We firmly believe that First Nations representation and engagement lead to better outcomes for everyone.

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