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What is the business case for carbon offsetting?

The global climate is changing, and will continue to change, in ways that affect the planning and day to day operations of businesses. Voluntary demand for carbon offsets is increasing as organisations factor the risks of climate change into their future planning. Carbon offsetting is only part of the solution, but a key component of a zero net emissions strategy. TEM can work with you to identify the most efficient carbon offsetting solution and develop a tailored business case for action.

We can help you to:

  • make your business carbon neutral
  • make a particular product, service or project carbon neutral
  • integrate offsetting and its additional social and environmental benefits into your broader sustainability strategy
  • boost your sustainability credentials with stakeholders and staff
  • engage with climate-minded customers
  • elevate your brand

Reducing emissions

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and businesses to invest in environmental projects around the world in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Projects are most commonly designed to reduce future emissions, such as through clean energy technology or protecting ancient forests from being cleared.

One carbon offset is equal to one metric tonne of carbon dioxide reductions.

Why Offset?

What is carbon neutral?

An activity, product or organisation is carbon neutral when its greenhouse gas emissions are equal to zero. To become carbon neutral, companies must rigorously calculate their emissions, reduce them as much as possible, then purchase and retire carbon offsets to the equivalent of the remaining emissions.

Taking action on climate

Market demand is strong

Customers and investors are increasingly demanding that business act to meet environmental challenges. For example, a growing movement of travelers, concerned about climate change, are applying pressure to airlines and broader tourism sectors through “flight shaming” or Flygskam, to reduce emissions. Taking action on climate change has become a part of social license to operate. In the 2018 Qantas Future Planet Insights report, an audit of consumer attitudes to sustainability, 79% of respondents said they prefer to buy products and services from businesses that show they care about the environment.

Benefits of offsetting:

  • Meet emission reduction targets
  • Enhance brand integrity
  • Alignment with sustainability principles
  • Increased customer loyalty and sales
  • Build capacity to manage climate risk
  • Demonstrate industry leadership
  • Environmental, social & economic co-benefits & impact in communities

Carbon offset strategy

Managing Climate Risk

Investors are increasing pressure on companies to report on what they are doing to manage the physical and policy risks related to climate change. Meeting reporting requirements under the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosures is one such driver. We can help build your internal competency for future voluntary and compliance requirements. Through the development of a carbon offset strategy our clients are able to  communicate to their stakeholders that they are building capability to manage climate risk going forward for both voluntary and compliance obligations.


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