To determine whether you have a viable carbon offset project, please consider the below criteria and contact us if you are eligible.

Aggregated small energy users
  • Are you looking to offer goods and services to a large number of small energy users (households or small businesses) to help them to reduce their electricity or gas usage?
  • Do you have access to the energy usage data for the small energy users and the right to use that data?
  • Are you willing to engage an accredited statistician to assist in running the project?
Commercial buildings
  • Are the commercial buildings offices, hotels, or shopping centres eligible to receive a NABERS rating?
  • Are you looking to undertake improvements to the buildings that will improve their NABERS rating by at least one star?
Commercial and public lighting
  • Are you looking at improving the energy efficiency of lighting systems in a commercial building, common area of a residential building, industrial building or in a public space?
  • If the lighting upgrade is part of renovation or reconstruction works, are the works exempt from requiring a development approval or a development approval is only required because of the lighting upgrade?
  • Will you be able to provide evidence that any replaced lighting equipment has been disposed of in a way that assures it cannot be re-used?
High efficiency commercial appliances
  • Are you looking to install new air conditioners, close control air conditioners, refrigerated display cabinets or liquid-chilling packages to service commercial or industrial buildings or common areas in residential buildings?
Industrial electricity and fuel efficiency
  • Are you looking to undertake activities to reduce emissions from energy consuming equipment at one or more of your industrial or commercial sites?
  • Do you (or your staff) understand the detailed statistical, measurement and verification techniques required by this method, or are you willing to hire these skills?
Refrigeration and ventilation fans
  • Do you use refrigeration fans to service refrigeration systems ​or use ventilation fans to service commercial or industrial buildings or common areas in residential buildings? ​
  • Are you looking at installing new fans, or modifying or replacing existing fans to improve the energy efficiency of the fans? If you have answered yes to both questions, the refrigeration and ventilation fans method may be suitable for your business. Read on for eligibility and compliance details.
Industrial equipment upgrades
  • Are you looking to upgrade your industrial equipment, such as compressed air systems, boiler systems or pumps? If you have answered yes to this question, the industrial equipment upgrades method may be suitable for your business.

To be eligible under the industrial equipment upgrades method, participants must:

  • carry out upgrades that have been recommended by a qualified auditor in an energy audit or energy efficiency report, and
  • have their proposed upgrades verified by a measurement and verification professional to declare the upgrade meets method requirements.

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