To determine whether you have a viable carbon offset project, please consider the below criteria and contact us if you are eligible.

Landfill gas method
  • Are you planning to introduce a new gas collection system or upgrade an existing gas collection system to collect and combust landfill gas?
  • Will the landfill gas collected be combusted using a combustion device such as a flare, boiler, combustion engine or another device that combusts landfill gas with a destruction efficiency of at least 98 per cent?
Alternative waste treatment method
  • Are you planning to introduce a new or expanded purpose-built facility for processing solid waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill?
  • Will that facility process commercial, industrial, construction, demolition and/or Class I or II municipal solid waste?
  • Will that facility use an enclosed composting facility, an anaerobic digester and/or process engineered fuel manufacture technology?
Source separated organic waste method
  • Are you thinking of introducing a new waste management activity or expanding an existing activity that diverts organic material that previously went to landfill?
  • Are you able to separate organic waste at its source and stop it from going to landfill?
  • Will the activity be conducted within a single state or territory?

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