To determine whether you have a viable carbon offset project, please consider the below criteria and contact us if you are eligible.

Emissions avoidance & savanna fire management 2018

For projects to be eligible under these methods, they must involve:

  • savanna fire management with the objective of avoiding emissions from the unplanned, late dry season burning of savannas and sequestering carbon in dead organic matter, and
  • annual planned burning in each project area.

Project areas must:

  • be in the high or low rainfall zones (or both)
  • include vegetation fuel types (Part 3 section 14 of the determination), and
  • not include relevant weed species (Part 3 section 14 of the determination).

There are a number of other requirements for projects under this method, including:

  • annual project management plans (Part 3 section 17 of the determination) must be prepared prior to commencing burning each calendar year. These can be modified during the fire season to reflect actual conditions.
  • relevant eligible interest holder consents are obtained either before project registration for transferring projects, or before credits can be issued for new projects, and
  • vegetation fuel type maps are created, validated and revised as required.


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