To determine whether you have a viable carbon offset project, please consider the below criteria and contact us if you are eligible.

Avoided clearing of native regrowth method
  • Does your land have native forest cover?
  • Do you have a valid unrestricted clearing consent?
  • Has your land been cleared at least twice in the past?
Native forests from native regrowth method
  • Are you able to provide evidence of a decision to introduce a change in land management practice that leads to the regrowth of native forest?
  • Has the land where the change in land management practice will occur been cleared of forest cover and regrowth has started, but forest cover has not been reached?
  • Would the land normally be cleared to maintain pastoral use?
Human-induced regeneration of a permanent even-aged native forest V1.1
  • Do you conduct activities ​on your land that suppress native forest growth?
  • Has native forest growth been suppressed for at least 10 years?

Things you may need to do.

  • excluding livestock and taking reasonable steps to keep livestock excluded
  • managing the timing and extent of grazing
  • managing feral animals in a humane manner
  • managing plants that are not native to the project area, and
  • implementing a decision to permanently cease mechanical or chemical destruction, or suppression, of native regrowth.
Plantation forestry method
  • Are you considering starting a new plantation forest on land that has had no plantation forest for seven years or more?
  • Do you manage an existing plantation forest?
Measurement based methods for new farm forestry plantations method
  • Are you able to plant and grow trees as either a permanent planting (no harvest) or new farm forestry plantations (commercial harvesting is permitted)?
  • Did the area where planting will occur include for at least five years before a project starts, land used for grazing or cropping, or land that was fallow between grazing or cropping?
  • Do you have or are you able to access, forestry expertise?
Avoided deforestation method
  • Do you have land in Australia that covers an area of at least 0.2 hectares, and is dominated by trees that are at least two metres tall and provide crown cover of at least 20 per cent of the land area?
  • Do you have a valid clearing consent issued before 1 July 2010?
  • Does the clearing consent state that clearing is permitted for the purposes of permanently converting the forest to cropland or grassland, not to plantation or settlements?
Reforestation and afforestation V2.0
  • Do you want to plant seeds or seedlings on cleared land to establish a permanent forest?
  • Has the land been used for grazing, cropping or been fallow for the last five years?
  • Are you prepared to undertake field measurements of your planted trees?
Reforestation by environmental or mallee plantings FullCAM method
  • Are you able to establish and maintain plantings of either mixed native trees or mallee eucalypt?
  • Has the land been clear of forest cover for at least five years?


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